Friday, October 30, 2009

Bento #2: Cauliflower salad, miso-tahini-carrots, rice w/ furikake.

#2 for October 29, 2009

Rice with furikake (carb)
Cauliflower salad (veggie, see previous post for recipe)
Carrots with miso-tahini-walnut paste on top (veggie/protein)
(Recipe for miso-paste:

This bento was not so exciting as my first bento, though I do have a picture that will be loaded soon.
I used the same cauliflower from the day before, which was equally as tasty the next day. There were still some leftovers.
I had made the miso-tahini-walnut paste earlier as a tester, and made way too much, so I used Maki's carrot recipe from Just Bento. The first time I made this recipe, I messed up and baked the carrots too long without putting the paste on top in the middle of baking. This time, I did it right (ish). The carrots came out pretty good, and cooking the paste toned down its intense, overpowering flavor and saltiness, which I was grateful for.
I was excited to eat my rice because I just bought this new beef-steak plant furikake. But I packed way too much and couldn't eat it in the end. Still, it was a relatively satifying lunch.

What to change next time:
I need an actual bento box! All my contents keep moving around and messing up even the basic set up I have going on. Plus, this tupperware is too big. I am buying a bento box soon.

Leftovers to use next time:
MORE miso/tahini/nut paste.
Ragu tomato sauce
I thought I'd have to use the cauliflower salad again, but it has mysteriously disappeared...My roommate must've really liked it!

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